The health and safety of our valued clients and team has always been our top priority, as such, DRIFT Beauty Co. has implemented the necessary preventative measures to protect against and reduce the spread of the Coronavirus/COVID-19. Please carefully review and adhere to our new protocols in advance of your appointment.  Thank you for respecting our policies and adapting with us on this new journey.

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Improve your appearance, self-confidence and have the convenience of perfectly shaped eyebrows, soft blush lip color and eyeliner that won’t run, smear or smudge.


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Permanent make-up can enhance your natural beauty in ways you would have never thought possible.  Wake up each day with perfectly applied make-up.


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The Studio


DRIFT Beauty Co. is an acronym for Dermal Rejuvenation / Facial Tattoos, a small local business devoted to non-toxic and non-invasive esthetic services.  We are beyond passionate about skin care and beauty treatments that empower, magnify and improve beauty that already exists.
Our founder and principal permanent makeup artist, Tara Jackson, is 10x certified and professionally trained in a wide variety of cosmetic permanent makeup artistry, techniques and procedures.  At DRIFT Beauty Co. we believe that happiness is the secret to all beauty, and therefore we are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality products, genuine craftsmanship, and exceptional customer services to ensure our clients feel comfortable, confident and beautifully happy before, during and after every treatment.

What to expect

    • A clean and sterile studio, at DRIFT Beauty Co. we only use high quality single-use disposable materials and ensure that all equipment and surfaces are properly sterilized and disinfected before and after each procedure
    • Pre-treatment analysis and design conceptualization, including a facial mapping, discussion of brow styles and options that are best suited for each individual, and a full explanation of the procedure to be performed
    • Application of a topical numbing cream (5% lidocaine ointment) to ensure guests’ comfort throughout the process
    • Custom colour mixing and shape designed specifically for your facial features, skin tone and bone structure (feel free to bring photo references). The eyebrow shape and each hair stroke is pre-drawn with a wax pencil for the client’s review and approval prior to starting any tattooing
    •  All tattooing is performed with the highest quality German-made precision equipment and single-use needle cartridges to carefully implant pigment to mimic the appearance of natural hairs
    • Appointments are booked for 4 hour sessions to provide amply time to discuss, design and detail the perfect eyebrows. Actual tattooing time is approximately 90 – 120 minutes
    • Post appointment healing instructions and aftercare provided at appointment. The full, deep healing process for the skin to completely rejuvenate is 6-8 weeks, however, the visible top layers of skin will heal after 2 weeks. Your cosmetic tattoo will experience a few normal side effects, including slight redness, itchiness and peeling during the first 7-10 days. Expect the tattoo to appear darker for the first 3-5 days, at around days 4-7 light peeling will occur, revealing lighter and softer impressions. The colour will continue to stabilize as the new skin processes for up to 3 weeks, some patchiness or lighter areas is normal and will be perfected at the secondary Touch-up Appointment.
    • The initial session we will be focused on the design, structure and balance of your desired outcome. A secondary follow-up appointment is scheduled for 6-8 weeks after the initial session and is included in the initial pricing.
    • At the second Touch-up Appointment, we will assess how the pigment has been deposited and healed into the skin. We will then create any necessary adjustments to achieve optimal depth and volume.
    • Proper aftercare is crucial for optimal healing results. Long-term aftercare is also necessary to protect your tattoo and ensure longevity
    • Annual touch-ups are recommended to maintain crisp lines and colour density

Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself

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Whatever types of questions you may have, feel free to get in touch with us and address them! (778) 839-1090 info@driftbeauty.ca H:  10am – 7pm  T – S