Enhance your natural beauty and improve your overall appearance with a unique set of DR/FT eyebrows designed just for you.  The art of brow sculpting will help transform your facial features and provide a multi-dimensional illusion of natural brows.  Each session begins with a comprehensive facial analysis to determine each client’s bone structure, prominent features and proportions.  We then prep the skin and design a brow outline styled to properly frame and accentuate your eyes while developing definition and symmetry.  After a topical anesthetic cream has adequately numbed the area, our professionally trained and certified permanent makeup technician will apply one of the variety of expert techniques DR/FT beauty co. has to offer, including but not limited to:

  • microblading which is a technique that utilizes a manual hand tool made up of a series of needles that form a small blade to deposit pigment under the skin and create feathered hair strokes. This style of Brow Tat is a perfect option for clients with a decent amount of  existing eyebrow hairs but are looking to add density and shape.
  • nanoblading is a custom brow design created with a digital PMU machine fitted with a super fine single needle. Nano technology allows us to create crisp fine lines with the utmost precision and accuracy to mimic the same diameter and dimensions of real hair. This style of brow is great for all skin types, including oily.
  • powder ombre is a technique that is applied to create a more opaque brow, similar to a filled-in make-up look. This style of eyebrow provides a solid tail and defined arch that softly fades out at the fronts of the eyebrows where hairs naturally grow slightly lighter, and is offered in either soft, medium or bold. This style of Brow Tat is preferred by clients that wear full make-up on a daily basis or that desire less maintenance.
  • combination or combo brows is an added effect to any hair stroke design that creates depth and dimension to the eyebrows. The artist will add soft shading around the hair strokes to provide fullness with a natural appearance. The blade and shade option employs both the hair stroke and ombre styles for a beautiful and realistic end product.

lash enhancement / eyeliner

Awaken your eyes and make them appear bigger, brighter and more youthful with permanent eyeliner. This permanent make-up application is designed to enhance the eyelash line to give the illusion of thicker eyelashes while helping to enhance and define the eyes. The eyeliner design is created for what is best suited for your eye shape, appearance, life style and desired look, and can include anything from a soft natural fine line to a bolder or more dramatic solid line of your chosen thickness and colour.

One of the many amazing advantages of permanent make-up is the ability to conceal or correct unappealing features and enhance or create the illusion of more alluring ones. For example, permanent eyeliner can:

  • opening up almond eyes
  • adding definition to hooded eyes
  • lifting down-turned eyes
  • lengthening round eyes
  • amplifying small eyes
  • widening narrow-set eyes
  • narrowing wide-set eyes



Achieve the appearance of a flush full lip with semi-permanent lip colour.  Whether you are looking for a soft, subtle natural shade or a more vibrant rich colour, our DR/FT artists are able mix the correct lip colour best suited for your skin tones and desired look.  The procedure is performed with a digital tattoo machine which deposits colour around the outer lip line to create an even defined shape, and then with a shading needle the colour is blended inwards to create a consistent shaded look all over the upper and lower lip which fades into the interior part of the lip.  The lip blush tattoo procedure is recommended if you are interested in:

  • Defining and accentuating your lips by enhancing the shape and natural colour
  • Enlarging and/or reshaping uneven lips
  • Improving undesirable lip tones
  • Restoring natural looking lips after trauma or scaring

Some very important factors to consider prior to making a lip enhancement appointment:

  1. If you have ever had a cold sore the stimulation from the needles during this treatment will likely cause a flare-up. Accordingly, clients are encouraged to take anti-viral prescription medication prior to and after the procedure to prevent any adverse reactions during the healing process.
  2. Yes, it is painful! Due to the increased vascularity (extensive blood vessels) and lack of fat in the lips the area is highly sensitive.  An FDA approved topical numbing cream is applied prior to and throughout the treatment to keep clients comfortable during the session.  However, some clients may prefer to get a local anesthetic administered at a dental office for more effective pain relief.  A local anesthetic will assist with the overall procedure by cutting down treatment time and reducing the amount of swelling.
  3. The healing process typically takes approximately 10 – 14 days for the true colour to stabilize. Clients are to expect some immediate swelling, redness and dryness (i.e. chapped lips), and should avoid any irritants such as UV exposure, spicy foods, hot liquids, etc.
  4. The lip colour is expected to last around 12 – 18 months depending on the shade applied. Lighter colours will fade quicker than more vibrant pigments.
  5. It is not recommended to perform a lip tattoo treatment if the client has a filler product within the lip area.  It is best to allow the filler to completely dissolve before making a lip treatment appointment.  After the tattoo is fully healed the client is able to resume filler treatments, if still necessary.

brow tinting

Enhance your eyebrows with a custom brow shaping and natural dye that not only colours the eyebrow hairs but also lightly stains the skin beneath to provide a soft powder shading.  Our Henna tints come in a wide range of colours which we custom mix to create the perfect shade for your skin tone and desired look. Depending on your skin type and lifestyle the Brow Stain can last 2 – 5 weeks. This treatment is a great introduction into the brow game and a perfect in between for slightly faded microblading.



perfectly imperfect!

A face without freckles is like a cupcake without sprinkles, and our goal is to help people become beautiful cupcakes in a world full of muffins.  Whether you are interested in a couple beauty marks, a little speckle or a full splash, our tattoo technicians will artfully cluster the perfect amount of freckles to give you a glowing appearance of youthful summer bliss.  We recommend building layers and depth over time to create a unique map of beauty flecks that will be sure to make you smile.