Are Eyebrow Tattoos Painful?

is it painful?


This is a common question:


sessions include free naps

is getting permanent make-up painful?

Since pain sensitivity is a personal thing, we can’t tell you exactly how you will feel.  We can ensure that the area is properly numbed with a topical anesthetic containing 5% Lidocaine prior to and throughout the tattoo process. Typically clients say their discomfort level is mild and often fall asleep during the procedure. Sensitivity and discomfort can sometimes increase towards the end of the session after the area has been worked on for some time.

numbing cream is applied for 15 mins before the procedure, and a secondary numbing cream is used throughout the treatment
before & after nano brows

Nano Brows or Nanoblading utilizes a single needle ranging from 0.18-0.25mm, which implants the pigment into the skin without directly opening the skin as is performed with Microblading. Nano Brows is also thought to be less painful than conventional body tattoos, as the pigment is implanted slightly deeper and without numbing cream with traditional body tattoos.

microblading uses a manual hand tool fitted with 9-16 micro needles in  configurations like below:
nano brows uses a single nano needle disposable cartridge for digital machine
helpful hint
Please note, some clients may experience increased pain sensitivity during or near their menstrual cycle. In general though, we believe that women are magically strong creatures that can typically handle most things.