happiness looks gorgeous on you


includes initial session and touch-up
  • Microblading (luxury hair strokes)Nanoblading (digital nano strokes)Powder fill (ombré shading)Combination of both hair strokes and shading.The style, shape, colour and design will be customized and professionally designed at appointment.


classic permanent eyeliner
  • Permanent eyeliner that won’t smudge, smear or tear away.Recommended for clients that wear liquid or pencil eyeliner makeup daily and would like to save time applying it.Choice of upper and/or lower liner.Choice of classic, winged or smokey design.Booking includes initial session and secondary touch-up sessionThe colour is customized and professionally designed at appointment.
    * must not have eyelash extensions at time of appointment
    * Discontinue use of lash growth serums 2 weeks prior to appointment

Nano Liner

lash enhancement tattoo
  • A very thin eyeliner tattooed in between the eyelash hairs to enhance the lash line and create the appearance of fuller lashes.Choice of upper and/or lower liner.Colour is customizable at appointment.Booking includes initial session and secondary touch-up session
    * must not have eyelash extensions at time of appointment
    * discontinue use of lash growth serums 2 weeks prior to appointment

Lip Blush Tattoo

classic soft powder lip colour
  • Enhance the beauty of your natural lip colour with the perfect shade of pink, rose, peach and more.Correct asymmetry or slight imperfections.Add fullness and definition.Booking includes initial session and secondary touch-up sessionShape and colour is customized and professionally designed at appointment.If the client has filler in her lips, we recommend booking your lip blush appointment at least 3 weeks before or after your next filler appointment.

Dark Lip Neutralization

adjust cool dark brown/purple tones of melanin rich lips to a warmer neutral tone
  • A specialized lip tattoo technique that utilizes colour theory and layering methods to lighten and neutralize dark lips tones.The number of treatments required to achieve desired results will depend on the original colour of lips, skin type and texture.This booking includes the initial session and a secondary touch-up session.Additional sessions to further enhance the lip colour include a fee of $150 (if booked within 12 months of the initial session); $250 (within 24 months); $350 (within 36 months).Clients must allow for colour neutralization process before attempting to achieve target colour.

Tattoo Refresher

annual or bi-annual maintenance
  • * for existing clients only – if previously tattoo elsewhere must book initial session
    Cosmetic tattoos typically last for 1 – 3 years depending on your skin type, daily skin care routines and other lifestyle factors.Annual colour renewals are recommended to maintain shape and colour, add density or adjust colour.$250 for Refresher Appointments booked within 12 months of initial session;$300 for Refresher Appointments booked within 24 months of the initial session;$450 for Refresher Appointments booked within 36 months of initial session;$550 for Refresher Appointments booked within 48 months of initial session.Excessive fading requires a complete redesign and additional work to rebuild the tattoo, therefore any further appointments made after 3 years from the date of one’s initial session will be charged at full price.

Correction & Cover-Up Work

to colour correct or re-vamp pre-existing faded tattoos
  • * must send photos and obtain approval prior to booking
    Not all tattoos can be covered or corrected, the client may be required to undergo removal treatments. We are able to perform a colour correction or cover-up IF:the pre-existing tattoo is sufficiently fadedthe colour has shifted an undesirable tone, such as red or pinkthe existing shape does not require too much adjustment.If the existing tattoo is too dark, too large or has caused excessive scar tissue we cannot correct or cover-up. Clients may require additional sessions to fully achieve the desired results.Additional color correction appointments include a fee of $150 (if booked within 12 months of the initial session);$250 (within 24 months);$350 (within 36 months).

Henna Brows

eyebrow shaping and colour
  • Enhance your eyebrows with a natural dye that tints the brow hairs and stains the skin beneath to provide a more defined shape.Includes eyebrow shaping and trim for a beautiful design.Tints come in a wide range of shades and are customized at appointmentColour typically lasts on hairs for 3-4 weeks and on the skin 1-2 weeks, depending on aftercare and lifestyle



I recently went to DR/FT Beauty to have my eyebrows microbladed.  I was very nervous and hesitant at first as I had never had this treatment done before.  I explained all of my concerns to Tara and she made me very comfortable so I knew I was in good hands!  She was extremely knowledgeable about the process and gave me great ideas as to the shape and color that would be best suited for me.  I agreed with all of her suggestions and my brows turned out perfect!  I am so happy with Tara’s work and would recommend her to anyone considering permanent makeup.

-Alysha Murphy


A calm relaxing atmosphere.  Care preformed by a confident professional.  Topical freezing gel applied, reassuring conversation inquiring how you are tolerating the procedure throughout appointment.  Genuine concern for your comfort. A Happy satisfied senior (who no longer can see or hold my hand steady to apply my makeup).  Permanent makeup is a must for any professional in the eyes of the public. I give DR/FT Beauty a 10/10!

-Patricia Johnston


Tara corrected the colour and shape of my previously microbladed eyebrows and I can honestly say I’ve never loved my eyebrows more than I do now!  She was very patient and took time to shape my eyebrows to match my facial features.  I will definitely be back and most definitely recommend her services to all my friends.

-Kathy Nguyen